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Roller Coasters 2. (60cm x 50cm)

Roller Coasters 2. (60cm x 50cm)

This collection of 30 individual coasters are housed in a bespoke frame to make up a large piece of wall art - Roller Coasters (50 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm). With each coaster having a different base colour, all with Zinc White, Black Oxide, Titanium White and some with one/two iridescent/ precious metal colour (Emerald Green, Teal, Iridescent Blueblack/ Green Yellow, Turquoise, Amertych whilst others with a combination of two (gold/copper/bronze/ vintage gold & brass/silver/pewter).

Each individual piece is 10cm x 10cm and available as coasters (@£8 ~£12.50each).

However, I would be happy to accept any commissions to recreate something similar design based on size, colour, subject matter or design and material used.

Ceramic tile/corkbased/lacquered

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